How to eat marshmallows?

How to eat marshmallows?

There are 4 common answers to the question of how to eat marshmallows. Two of them stand out more in Turkey. First of all, the common consumption patterns of this confectionery can be listed as follows:

  • Raw
  • in the fire
  • in cream form
  • By making s’mores

It is not difficult to guess the shape of the dew. In Turkey, it is mostly consumed in this way, as it comes out of the package. For the way of consumption in the fire, a fire and a stick are required next to the product itself. The candy attached to the stick is being held towards the fire. In a short time, it reaches the consistency of melting. This means that it is ready for consumption.

Although these two are well known, there are two other common consumption styles that are not known in Turkey.

Marsmallow is also sold in cream form in some countries. It can be thought of as a lot of cream in Turkey. Others, on the other hand, first place this confectionery with chocolate between two biscuits. It is then suppressed. Consumption in this way is called S’mores. S’mores reminds us of Turkish delight biscuit product. It can be put into the confectionery in raw or fried form during its making.


Beef gelatin is the most important ingredient in marshmallow production. This issue is very important because gelatin can also be obtained from pork. You should definitely make sure that the candy you consume contains gelatin obtained from cattle.

Apart from beef gelatin, there are other ingredients in the product. Before moving on to these items, it should be noted that; the confectionery in question is also known as chamallow. Other items included in it are:

  • Egg
  • Arabic gum
  • coloring matter
  • Corn syrup or sugar

There may be those who hear the phrase arabic gum, which is among the ingredients, for the first time. This material is actually acacia gum.


The answer to the question of who found the marshmallow can be given in two ways. The first is how it is found in the traditional way and the other is how it is produced in its modern form.

If we first look at its production in its modern form, it goes back to the 19th century. Candy manufacturers in France have slightly improved the chamallow recipe. It obtained a confectionery close to the product consumed today. The French used to coat the confectionery with rose water while obtaining this product. He was also called Pate Guimauve. Although this confection was popular, its production was labor intensive.

In 1948, an American entrepreneur discovered a new technique in the production of marshmallows. This method allowed the production of chamalow to be produced automatically as cylindrical.

Traditionally, this confectionery called marshmallow was actually used as a medicine. It was produced with the substance obtained from the root of the plant called marshmallow. This substance was white in color and looked like gelatin. It was consumed against conditions such as sore throat. The words marsh and mallow also refer to the vegetable origin of the product. When these two words come together, the phrase marsh mallow appears.


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